I can't seem to see how I reference what I've actually ticked off today. I changed the filter to 'completed tasks only' - and got a long list starting from when I first started using Flow. Pretty useless.
I then tried to change the order of the tasks but there is no option to order by when they were ticked off.
I then when to the side bar to see if I could find a relevant view - no luck.
I then looked at 'Home' to see if it would reference what I'd done today.
Eventually, just now as I write this I came across the list I've ticked off in 'Calendar' as it was the last thing left to click on.
So, summary... I don't feel like the 'Completed tasks' view in 'My tasks' is really working and I can't actually see how it would be useful. Really Flow should also be helping me keep track of what I've actually achieved and when, as well as what I still need to do.
Open to how you do this - but it does need work!