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Dependant tasks

Our team has too many unactionable tasks in our Teama because they are dependant upon other tasks being completed! has the amazing ability to create "dependancies" for tasks (though their implementation is much more clunky than I'm sure Flow could do it). What they do is make the task uncheckable until the primary task is first completed. I think you should take this a step further and move the dependent task out of view (maybe grayed out at the bottom of the list).

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    Will shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • J commented  · 

        +1 to this request!! >> Agreed — this is a huge draw back to this program. It’s in the top 3 that I’ve looked at and narrowed down to, but this is one difference that is likely going to push us in a different direction. It makes such a big difference for a team that relies on each other heavily.

      • mleide commented  · 

        This is a required feature as we explore new PM tools, this will be the sole reason we go with another software. Any plans to integrate the feature for dependencies and setting predecessors in the near future??? We desperately need to track the ins/outs of a project.

      • Антон Пуро commented  · 

        It would be really great to be able to set due date of a dependent task based on the date of completion of the previous task. For example, in 3 days after the previous task has been completed. We really need this functionality. But I don't know any apps, which have it.

      • OP commented  · 

        This will greatly bring Flow closer to feature-parity with some of the bigger Project Management tools in town, which I guess will suck a lot of business from them too.

      • Tracy Hernandez commented  · 

        @getflow is there any update on this feature? As of May 2014 it was "NOT PLANNED", but it looks like there is plenty of interest and it would be a HUGE benefit to our team.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        @getflow - any updates on task dependencies??

      • Jessica commented  · 

        Adding on another request for dependencies - a necessity! It's crazy this isn't offered!

      • Al commented  · 

        I am also curious wether or not Flow is actually having a look at this issue? While I really like Flows UI and handling, the lack of dependencies between tasks unfortunately leaves our team no choice but to use another tool which offers said task dependencies.

      • Nikolas Tziolis commented  · 

        Does anyone know if flow still being actively developed? It seems strange that such a core functionality is not implemented yet

      • Aaron Westberg commented  · 

        please add this feature in the future. I think many organizations would really use this and need this.

      • Chris M. commented  · 

        138 Votes now, 3 of them mine. :)

        I would LOVE to see an elegant and creative implementation of Task Dependencies in Flow.

        My company does web development and design projects, and it gets REALLY confusing when we have a million tasks and no real logical order to them. Sometimes we're waiting for the client to provide "page content" before we can then do the "design" step for that page. So having one task dependent on another, with a notification sent out when the dependent task is done, would be a HUGE help and seriously boost our productivity. This is a very needed feature...

      • El commented  · 

        Our organisation is currently using Asana (which has the "waiting on" option) and I'd love us to move to Flow but until this dependencies feature is available, we'll have to stick with Asana. Any update on when/if you plan to offer this please? Thank you :-)

      • Ted commented  · 

        Still not planned? I'm new to an organization that has Flow and it surprises me that task dependency is not an option. Fortunately, the company's utilization has waned and there's a new interest in project management. Since the feature is not available in Flow, it's a good time for me to propose a different solution.

      • Ian Nerney commented  · 

        Adding the ability to mark a task as dependent on another could help teams direct focus on items that are in the critical path, leading to faster completion of projects. Automating this function would also save project management time. Please consider adding this feature! :)

      • Mickael commented  · 

        That would be awesome to have. It would solve our biggest issue for using Flow as a project management tools instead of a simple task flow tools!

      • Paul commented  · 

        It would be very useful if sequences of tasks could be defined such that notifications go out and tasks assigned only when previous "parent" tasks have been completed.

      • Julian commented  · 

        This sure would be helpful. Casual has a great concept. It, however, is too limiting. There tasks in a project that are not dependent, which you all do a great job with. This tweak is needed and wanted.

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