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Faster task editing

In the old UI, we could quickly edit a task by clicking the pencil (as I remember it), and immediately tabbing through fields to change as required. In the new UI, we have to click a task, wait for the task pane to load, click the Edit button, and then start editing.

This reasonably small change has added a lot of time spent waiting while using the app! Is there a way to edit tasks without entering the task pane, similar to the quick entry tool? If not, can you please, please add one?

Otherwise the new interface is very pleasant and shiny :-)

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    Ned shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    completed  ·  AdminMark Nichols (Admin, Flow) responded  · 

    We’re pleased to let you know that inline task editing just got much faster.

    You can now edit the following inline on any task in your task list:

    - Assignees (just click the avatar of the current assignee; option+click to filter by that user)
    - Due dates (click the due date)
    - Tags (option+click the tag).

    We hope this helps save you some time! Enjoy.


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please reconsider. It feels like there's an inordinate amount of clicking necessary with Flow. Otherwise, it's a fantastic tool.

      • Stowe Boyd commented  · 

        I shouldn't have to open the third panel large task editor to a/ rename a task, change due date, and other simple changes. I should be able to select the task and edit inline.

      • Charles de Dreuille commented  · 

        I found Flow very easy to navigate but quite hard to edit any task compared to Asana. In our team we spend quite a lot of time to edit our task so our process is actually harder in Flow.

        An exemple is on a list of task. When you click on a person name it create a filter where we expect to be able to edit the assignee. Most of the time we don't have a large list of task so have the ability to filter by people at this stage is not really helpful. But change the assignee is something we do a lot.

      • Matthew Newton commented  · 

        "Our clients get confused about how to edit a task that's already created. The edit button in the task detail pane is too subtle."

        Totally agreed. Everything in the edit pane should be available to be done right there - adding someone to a task is too many clicks right now

      • Justin Ruckman commented  · 

        Instead of having to click on the tast, click edit, click on the date, click the date, click save. Would be nice just to have the little date picker icon appear when you hover over the task, like it does when you’re creating a new task

      • Drew McChesney commented  · 

        Our clients get confused about how to edit a task that's already created. The edit button in the task detail pane is too subtle. Everyone we've watched use it is expecting to be able to immediately manage a task as soon as it's clicked, instead of having to click an additional "edit" button.

      • Andrew Fiorillo commented  · 

        It would be great to be able to edit tasks without entering the "edit" mode. When you initially create tasks you can easily click the icons to assign the tasks and set due dates, which is really fast.

        But, when you later edit a task you need to click the task, then click edit, make your changes, then click save. I reassign tasks very frequently and would be much faster if the same row of actions was in the task view, and you could simply click and action to get the same menu that is available when you initially create a task.

        I've attached a super quick mockup of how this might work.

      • Max Millhausen commented  · 

        Editing a task requires more clicks than is necessary. A fantastic feature you have is that quick add bar of icons that appears when you click to add a new task (refer to attached image). However this bar only appears when creating a new task and does not exist on already created tasks. It would be incredibly useful if this bar of icons appeared on every task I selected. This would allow me to make quick changes rather than clicking and navigating through different menus. Also, I'de love to see bulk editing....

      • Daniel commented  · 

        I agree with Anonymous and Ned below. I'm also looking for a faster edit. It's an unnecessary step as it is now. Why not just make it as simple as double clicking on the title to directly enter edit mode?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        In addition to the shortcut clicking on the name next to a task currently adds that as a filter but instead if that spawned a drop down that let you pick a different team member that would be hugely helpful. You could alt click for filter still if you wanted.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I just got the new roll out of flow, looks sweet. but still wish you had considered ways to make task editing faster. Appears the same to me. Ideally when the task pane loads its loads with the task already in edit mode. Also the task pane loads right over the calendar, making it hard to select tasks on Friday or Saturday i would consider having it load on the left side over the sidebar navigation, which someone would never need to use while editing a task.

        Here is a quick screenshot:

        thanks for considering!

      • Elijah Clark commented  · 

        reassign easily without clicking "edit" - there should be a way to reassign to a user by simply type "#" and then that users name. just as we do with the "@" for delegating. the problem is that i as a programmer get a lot of request, but i often am waiting for a response from the person who originally delegated to me. my goal is to add it to their task list and to remove from my own as i can’t do anything without their approval/sign-off.

      • Ned commented  · 

        Thanks Rose - aware of these features, but none address my key point above, which is the ability to edit task due date, category, etc. quickly using the keyboard (as when quickly creating a task using Shift-Enter). Obviously the functionality is already there for quick create, just want a way to access this for existing tasks. This is key to reviewing and reassigning tasks, for my use case at least.

      • Rose commented  · 

        At the moment you can edit the title of the task inline - click the task title and start typing.

        You can also drag and drop tasks into lists, people, and due date sections To do this, drag the task into the sidebar and onto a list, or hover "people" and it will open so that you can drag it onto a person.... You can also drag tasks between task groups in a sorted section, and between days in the calendar view.

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