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Task start dates

Add an opportunity to give a task a Start Date, so that it will be hidden until then. This corresponds to the GTD "tickler file" for removing items from the inbox that do not need to be processed at the moment. Tasks could also be made to repeat based on start date or completion date rather than due date, as in OmniFocus.

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    Mark Green shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    started  ·  AdminJesse Herlitz (VP of Product, Flow) responded  · 

    Ok, big day. We’ve got an early release of some start dates features in the beta program for Pro users.

    Included in this release:
    1. Add a start date to a task
    2. View and edit Start & End Dates on the Task Profile Calendar & Team Workload Calendar
    3. Sort Lists and Projects by Start Date

    You may see some “Coming Soon” screens in place of further timeline work that we’re doing, those features will be coming in a future release.

    If you’re already in the beta program, go ahead and switch into the beta version of Flow in the main menu where it says “Switch to Flow Beta”

    Here are some instructions to get set up.

    If you’d like to check out start dates but aren’t a Pro user or a beta participant:

    1. Ask an Owner on your team to update your Plan to Pro in Billing & Organization Settings
    2. Opt in to the beta program by heading to account preferences, or just click here and select the checkbox in the Flow Beta field that says “Invite me to evaluate Beta features”

    After you’ve opted into the beta program, give Flow a refresh, head to the main menu and select “Switch to Flow Beta.”

    Got feedback? Click the “Beta Feedback” button to chat with us, or shoot us an email at




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      • Christian Lawrence commented  · 

        Hi Jesse, I'm interested in using this function, but it's not appearing on my Pro account, either in browser nor on the client.

      • Cyndi Walker commented  · 

        Brilliant Jesse! Thank the team for us. :)

      • Cyndi Walker commented  · 

        Any update on the beta release timing? (Eager beaver here)

      • Cyndi Walker commented  · 

        WOOHOO!!!!! Can't wait. This is a game changer for Flow.

      • Cyndi Walker commented  · 

        Is there a beta release date for this? The lack of timing on tasks in a project is severely hampering my ability to schedule projects.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Giving feedback like you asked.

      • Dale commented  · 

        In addition to this, please consider adding a start due date time as well, ie 2:30 PM PST. For example, we are on the west coast and for many of our east coast clients, our due dates are something like 2pm PST, not the end of day. then on other projects not so time sensitive, they are due EOD. Thanks!

      • Cyndi Walker commented  · 

        The roadmap on the getflow website says this will be launched mid-2018. Is it on track and a launch date available?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        how have you built a project management tool without start dates? i honestly cant understand how you ended up in a position where "Adding start dates touches almost every corner of Flow and every one of our apps, so while it may seem trivial it's a fair chunk of work. "
        Seems like just a colourful to do app.

      • AdminJesse Herlitz (VP of Product, Flow) commented  · 

        The latest release lays the groundwork for adding start dates. We're working on it. Adding start dates touches almost every corner of Flow and every one of our apps, so while it may seem trivial it's a fair chunk of work. Hang tight.

      • Jon commented  · 

        We really thought this feature would roll out with the recent Project Timelines update. Unfortunately, it did not. The result in our case are project timelines sparsely populated by task due dates. In appearance this view is very misleading and not particularly helpful for managing resources and their time. For us, start and end dates at the task level is critical in making the project timeline feature beneficial. Is there any update on this feature?

      • Bart Kuiper commented  · 

        Any update on this????
        In trial at the moment - new Flow looks promising, but surely this is a Must Have feature.
        Last comment from Jesse was almost 18 months ago?

      • Tommy Williams commented  · 

        Is there any update on this, I am a big fan of the new flow but very disappointed this feature was not included, especially as it was planned on September 16...

      • H commented  · 

        Start dates is a most for a calendar as any project task for us needs a timeframe for completion and preparation. Even outlook can handle this. I am dissapointed

      • Maros Skalsky commented  · 

        New to Flow, but this feature seems important. In addition, in calendar, there could be "People view" were scheduled tasks for selected peoples in team will be shown, with possibility to stretch start/end of task as in "Project view". It would give a good overview of who is/was/will work on what. ...and project can inherit start/end from it's tasks.

      • Christopher commented  · 

        Hi! New user here, in my trial period to see if Flow can meet my needs.

        It's been a year now since task start dates have been in the works; is there an update on this feature?


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It would be super useful if you could span a task over a number of days, not just projects. For example a project might be split up over a period of time with breaks in between and certain tasks within the project might take a number of days. So it would be great if we could set a start and end span dates for individual tasks when needed and then these would display as a spanned block on the calendar within the task view. At the moment it is only possible to span projects by start/end date and only view in project view on calendar, so it is hard to get an overview.

        Also with regards to the current setup where you can span projects, it would be useful if you could have a combined projects/tasks view on calendar to get a better overview, alongside the current ability to view either tasks or projects individually.

      • Ben commented  · 

        Defer to date
        Provide a function that (optionally) hides tasks until they are deferred.

        As a power user with many tasks
        I want to only see those tasks that I can work on at this point in time
        So that I can just work on the next task.

        - option for a task to be hidden until a particular date.
        - maybe use the due date? or could be a new date ("defer until" or "start date").
        - Could be greyed out until the date
        - Could be sorted to the bottom of a list.
        - Does not show in the "catch up" section (this is the main reason I want this - I have tasks that are waiting until a given date and they are showing in my "you could work on this next" and my immediate thought is "bugger off, no I can't").

      • kevin goujon commented  · 

        Would love to see repetitive task with a start date to avoid seeing the task in grey and make it a cleaner look

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