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Prioritize Tasks

I find that the (White Square) (Yellow Square) and (Red Square) are a feeble method of color coding the importance of tasks. This is because when a task hits Yellow... it is due THAT DAY... and when a task is Red it is already past due. What if you are working on 2 other tasks and that "Yellow" task has crept up on you... and will at least take you 2 days to complete? Now you are putting your current tasks behind, missing the deadline for the yellow task, and having your workflow decimated. Ultimately accomplishing nothing.. and leaving not just 1, but 3 tasks unfinished.

There should be a better warning system to ensure that subscribers know exactly how close they are to the deadline... and even more importantly... "how crucial is it reallllyyy?" for them to hit the deadline (on a task by task basis).

We are missing deadlines for tasks probably twice as often as we actually hit them in my office. I feel like a good fix for this problem would be to prioritize tasks (preferably with color-coding) based on level of importance. One should be able to mark a task as Urgent/High Priority, Important (Middle Priority), Unimportant (Low-Level Priority), and perhaps even "Not a priority at all".

That way, when a person who has 50 tasks assigned to them looks at their list, they are able to tell immediately which task to do first regardless of deadline.

There are quite a bit of workflow services out there that already offer this feature (and have been doing so from day 1). I must say I'm rather surprised, and ultimately disappointed not to be able to do this in Flow.

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    Vitaliy Vlasenko shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Jonathan commented  · 

        Yikes, no updates on this since beginning of 2016 :-( Seems like an essential component of task and project management.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        YES please on this! Any update on when it'll land?

      • Matt commented  · 

        Has this been finalized yet?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Is there a status update on this? Very highly needed feature!

      • Daniel commented  · 

        Nothing new up here? Cause the flgging isn't visual enough and sortable at the moment

      • Daniel commented  · 

        Are there any news upon this request? We would be amazed to have this feature!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I think it would be really beneficial to have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th priority tab for tasks. Ex. We have 3 editing projects all assigned to 1 editor but I want them to be completed in a different order, like the last project entered is an urgent request so I want it taken care of as soon as whatever he is working on it done. It would be then helpful to have the second project roll to 1st priority once the initial first priority is done. If this all happened on a Tuesday and the 1st/2nd, 3rd priority projects are completed, then on Wednesday the 4th/5th tasks would become the 1st/2nd priority of that day. If you add a new task and mark it as priority one, it should ask you to confirm if you want to bump the current priority 1 project to priority 2. I think it would make the organization of each task easier. I hope this makes sense! Message me if not :)

      • Lars commented  · 

        Still no changes? I need a list with all my task where i can change the position or the priority manually. Hope, you will add a feature soon...

      • Adnan commented  · 

        As an Admin in the projects. I would like to be able to change the line up of the tasks for the individual people. Like I can do for my self. We have write the timeline everyday, 1- 2- 3- etc ... It takes a lof of our times.

      • Joshua Park commented  · 

        We're comparing project management and collaboration software for our team... this is a total miss for Flow.

        Even with something as limited as Wunderlist, I was still able to come up with an Eisenhower matrix by comparing Urgent items (i.e., those with a due date) with Important items (i.e., those starred items). I would LOVE if there were a view that showed the quadrant for me.

        Right now, Flagging an item will move it to Today. but... that's just the same as adding a due date. It's just one dimension of a due date: urgency. It's not the other necessary dimension of prioritization: importance.

      • Joel Baskin commented  · 

        I really wish this became a priority!!

      • Jen Itani commented  · 

        Adding another option of Task/Project Layout that organizes by Quadrant (as in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), that organically changes based on how many tasks are in each Quadrant, will allow organizations to see how effective their task load is and identify change. There are visual aids in the book to illustrate this organic visualization change. Your company could even partner with that book author.

      • Alex commented  · 

        Completely needed

      • Sarah commented  · 

        Agreed that users should have the ability to flag tasks in different colors and that the user should be able to determine the color system. (Ability to decide whether Red or Orange or Blue is top priority, for example.)

      • Hilary Taylor commented  · 

        I’d love to have a HOT! checkbox to have a list item be highlighted somehow. There is always an item that is on the hotlist and is more important than everything else - or that I need a less than subtle reminder to GET IT DONE! ;-)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It should be able to flag tasks in different colors (red-urgent, orange-medium, green-low, white, ..).
        Then in tasks overview, you should be able to see the flags attached to a task.

      • Nick commented  · 

        Kanban is good, but it's still hard to see priorities across projects. We NEED something here soon, we've been waiting for years for this.

      • Dan commented  · 

        This is what most project management apps lack. They are either geared toward to-do lists OR development.

        By having the ability to categorize every task both by its nature and its position in workflow, the app can work well for all needs.

        Simple example: Let's say I have three task categories: UI, front end, back end. That’s great, but it’s insufficient. I should be able to give every task a second categorization related to workflow (such as time, priority, sequence, or however I choose to organize them).

        The key thing is to be able to see BOTH views, that is, to be able to toggle between them. So in this example, I can see everything I need to do for UI, or for front end, or for ackend, but I can also see everything I need to do today or this week or sequentially (however I choose to make the workflow categories).

        If you combine that with Kanban, that's great because Kanban cards are easy to move around to create a workflow.

        This is really a pretty simple enhancement, but it’s impact would be huge. Developers and other professionals constantly switch between project management apps because they don’t do what they need them to do. This simple enhancement would make a huge splash because tons of developers need a project management app to be able to function in both ways I described.

      • Mehdi commented  · 

        Upvoted !

        You could just use tags, and give us the possibility to either associate a background colour to a tag or not, that way people not using/needing it have their life unchanged, and we have ours rocked :)


      • Jacob Reese commented  · 

        I would have to agree that the current prioritization is really lacking and slows down productivity.

        1. The drag/drop sorting is very slow and isn't as visually appealing as coloring. For instance: High priority = red, medium = orange, low = yellow. The due date coloring is nice, but only shows up the same day (unless I'm missing something).

        2. Kanban boards are supposed to be used for workflows, so using them for prioritizing is inefficient.

        I would like to see prioritizing with colors, some way to very quickly assign priority, and sorting my long list by priority.

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